How to make noticeable feaures even more noticeable with PRIMA MAKEUP pressed glitter shadows!

Your eyes are one of your most noticeable features. They are they things people fall in love with and something we can identify ourselves by.  So when we are doing eye makeup we should always try to compliment our eyes.

I have been able to make my eyeshadow more dramatic and “eye catching” since receiving my “PR” from PRIMA COSMETICS! I was kindly sent a parcel conatining 3 of their lovely pressed glitter shadows! The eyeshadows that were sent to me was a complete suprise I did not know what colours I  was going to be receiving.

Instagram: @primamakeup_

When I recieved my glitters I had been given very diverse colours and at first I struggled to find a use for them, I managed to make a smoky eye with a red glitter centre with the colour “Merry Berry”. I cannot praise this company enough! I did not have any struggle with applying my glitters, I just applied them with my finger and patted them down! I was so suprised when at the end of the night my eye makeup was still in place!

You will have to build up a few layers to get the bold colour you desire, I preferbally do between 2-3.

Left to right: “Emerald City” , “Merry Berry” , “Your turning violet , VIOLET”

But it suddenly struck me, These eyeshadows would be perfect to use for festivals especially as festival season is coming up! They are also so easy to carry around with you when travelling to and from festivals as they would stay perfectly in any magnetic eyeshadow pallete!

The shadows are extremely easy to remove and came of exceptionally well with my Liz Earle cleanse and polish , but I am guessing any normal makeup remover would be perfect!

On another note I would just like to add that these pressed gitters are extremly affordable and can create amazing looks for any occasion.


You can also follow them on Instagram to see more photos and updates!

*DISCLAIMER – even though this product was sent to me these are all my own views and opinions *

Keep a look out for my next blog post on my daily skin routine!

Please feel free to share my blog post on all social media accounts all support is hugely appreciated.

Charlie xx



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