Lips Don’t have Sweat glands! Who knew? – How to protect them with Akello lip balm.

People often spend lots and lots of money on skin care and makeup products , generally forgetting to protect their lips! Lips are so essential in our everyday life so  we should make more effort to look after them especially in these cold months .

No wonder we get chapped lips! Lips simply don’t have sweat glands. Since sweat glands also help keep the skin moisturized, that means lips tend to dry out faster than other parts of the body so keeping a lip balm or chapstick nearby will really help!

I defiantly use to contribute to the percentage of the population that didn’t take enough care of their lips!  But recently this has changed. I was sent a  “PR”  package from  Akello Lips Of London , inviting me to try out their lip balms which not to mention are organic and cruelty free!  When the parcel came through the door they had already scored brownie points since it was packaged in a shiny bright pink envelope and the cute packaging didn’t just stop there!

This is more then just a basic drug store lip balm!

Photo from @akellolipcare 















I knew what flavor I was getting as I was requested to choose via my business email. But I did not expect the lip balm to come in this adorable packaging! As you can see from the picture above a lot of thought has gone into making this company unique, I think the packaging is great but just like any other makeup packaging it will either go in the recycling or in my box full of it!

I chose the flavor “vanilla” but you can choose from flavors such as coconut , rose , peppermint and of course vanilla. When I opened it the smell was amazing with most lip balms you get this horrible waxy smell but not with these ones! You can still smell it when it’s on your lips.

There is no pigment to this lip balm so it is great for wearing at school , work etc.

Photo from @akellolipcare
Most lip balms take forever to notice any difference on my lips but I put it on straight away as my lips were dehydrated! I use this lip balm every night after showering as that is when your skin absorbs the most moisture! I also take it with me to school as it is so easy to just grab out of my blazer pocket and put it on!

Within just 2 days I  had seen results! My lips were no longer dehydrated and felt more plumper! I would 100% recommend these as they are made out of all natural ingredients and are cruelty free and organic!

I have kindly been gifted with a discount code for you to use on their website at the checkout. Use my code “CHARLIE20” for 20% off. This code runs out on the 31st of January so get ordering fast!

You can also follow them on Instagram to see more photos and updates!

*DISCLAIMER – even though this product was sent to me these are all my own views and opinions *

Question of the day: What is your favorite lip balm?

Drop your answers in the comments!

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Charlie xx


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